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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stories on the planned demise of America

While Americans are being distracted with patently false claims about Sarah Palin and patently false charges against Barack Obama, the story about the real demise of America is unfolding in the Washington Post.

In a series of stories about Vice President Cheney's role in the against-the-law spying on American citizens, it is revealed that the legal papers which set the boundaries for such surveillance were kept in the Vice President's office. President Bush was not even informed of the issues and actions involved. Not until lawyers in the Justice Department began to insist that they had a legal obligation to be involved in assuring the legality of the program did its gross violation of Constitutional principles and of the law become apparent. A police state was being administered from the Vice President's office.

Another story tells of the orchestrated decline of NASA and America's role in space. When NASA Director Michael Griffin was to appear before Congress, he intended to tell members that China was poised to surpass the U.S. in space. If China lands on the moon before the U.S. makes another landing it will shift the international balance considerably. He had to submit his statement to the White House before delivering, and he was required to take that warning out.

Griffin is also concerned that after 2010, the space shuttles will be taken out of service and the U.S. will have no way to transport personnel and supplies to the International Space Station. That will all be relinquished to Russia.

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