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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh, how they danced around the N-word

Nothing is more absurd than regressive commentators and bloggers who offer what they seem to think is influential commentary on the Democratic Party and its candidates. Sometimes the absurd can be very funny. But usually it is despressingly stupid.

I have refrained from commenting much on the Clinton-Obama contest because I don't think there is much that needs to be said about it. It simply needs to be accurately reported without all the conjecture and contrived accusations. In cable news and blogs, one gets all sorts of prognoses from those suffering delusions of intelligence.

Obama did not win South Dakota. He did get 45 perecent of the primary vote, which is a strong showing nevertheless. They say he has problems with attracting the non-college blue collar and the women votes.

The real problem in South Dakota is probably that he is a black man.

A few weeks before the primary, I was in a Congressional field office when a prominent man in Democratic politics burst in with a letter he'd gotten off the Internet. It was one of those letters claiming that Obama is a closet Muslim (whatever the hell that is supposed to convey) and anti-American. This letter went so far as to say that Obama is being promoted by forces that are trying to set up America for its final destruction.

Even the most casual attempts to verify the claims of this widely circulated letter quickly show it to be an absurdity. But to this former legislature, it had to be true because was right there in black and white.

A few nights before the primary, we were having dinner in restaurant where another former Democratic legislator was at a neighboring table. He was discussing the primary with his friends, and he said loudly that he could not vote for a person like Obama.

People believe whatever affirms their prejudices and their hatreds of preference. They like to hate other people. And they love to make up malevolent nonsense to justify their hatreds.

Such hatreds are bipartisan. As the saying goes, they reach across party lines.

I can understand how people might prefer another candidate to Obama based upon political stance. People can have preferences for many reasons. But when their objections take the form of personal malignity and destructive speculations and falsehood, naked racial/sexual/ethnic hatred is hard to mistake. Do these regressive bloggers and commentators really think that the whole world is a bunch of semi-literate retards who can't see through their intolerance, their prejudices, their hatreds?

God. Please send us a little more elitism. And give us the courage to call a racist a racist.

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