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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How many times do you have to kick this rock over?

Although The New York Times says that Scott McClellan's book that details the Orwellian deception and mangling of information by George W. Bush and his bully buddies is the first by an "insider," there is, in fact, quite a library by former cabinet and staff members on the subject. But it doesn't take inside information from White House workers to understand the neo-fascism which Bush and his "conservative" faction have imposed on the U.S.

About one-third of the peple knew that the information disseminated by the Bush regime leading up to the invasion of Iraq was phony. They knew that it was called into question, if not contradicted, by the reports of weapons inspectors and assessments by the governments of allies. They realized the war was a device of mass black mail to use patriotism and fear to garner support for a regime with totalitarian designs. And anyone familiar with the propaganda techniques of the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, and Red China--and other totalitarian states--recognized what the Bush 43 regime was doing, even if some members of the regime were too dull to understand it themselves. A distinguishing feature of the propaganda technique is to slander and libel individuals who pose a threat to the regime--just as Bush allies Swiftboated John Kerry and the John Thune campaign used character assassination on Tom Daschle. Neo-fascists consider such demented destruction as shrewd politics. Dominating other people is their purpose in life.

The Scott McClellan book is no surprise to anyone but the Bush leaguers. Members of the White House press corps noted a growing tentativeness in McClellan in regard to the Bush talking points before he was forced out as press secretary. Cable and network news do not pick up on such matters, but members of the print media commented on McClellan's obvious discomfiture, especially in regard to the war on Iraq.

Put the McClellan book along side those by former state department officers, former cabinet members, national security officials. and journalists such as Bob Woodward, and you have quite a history of an intellectually and morally bankrupt regime. The saddest part is the number of people who defend and support it. At this point, just over 25 percent of the people approve of Bush's performance, but the question is how many who disapprove do so on the substantive exploits the administration has taken against democracy and our Constitutional protections. By 2004, a huge portion of the electorate was cowed or duped intoperceiving Bush as their protective Big Brother, and Orwell's 1984 was a reality in America.

How many times does the neo-con rock have to be turned over before we see the things writhing beneath it as America's most imminent threat. Scott McClellan has exposed them once again. We can only hope no more books need to be written on the matter.


caheidelberger said...

More Orwellian trickery: look at all the Bush diehards coming forward to say this book just doesn't sound like Scott McLellan, as if they want to create a 9/11-Iraq-like conspiracy theory that the book is really just a fabrication of some secret left-wing author.

Douglas said...

A poster in Salon TT said that McClellan has revealed that "water is wet" and "basketballs are round".

It was obvious the Bush justification for war powers and policies was fraudulent long before Daschle, Johnson, and Sen. Clinton voted for them.

They have disqualified themselves by their mendacious, cynical willingness to go along with the Bush fascism.

The "unitary presidency" is another way to say "fascist dictatorship".

Any, it now appears the Gov. Rounds thinks there is something like a "unitary governorship".

roland said...

What is most disturbing today is the traditional media's continued state of denial. Where were they as the "propaganda" was dished? That's rhetorical of course, they were all crowding around the trough instead of seeking truth. What a bunch of lemmings!

Sadly, no make that appallingly, it's doubtful they are much better today.

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