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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Like a bull snake making love to a slinky

That's what Legislative District 3 resembles. It has so many twists and
kinks that everybody who has tried to draw a map of it has ended up in the Redfield Developmental Center, aka the Funny Farm.

It makes me wonder why blog editors prohibit the use of the f-word and still let us write "gerrymander." Gerrymander contains all the possible obscenity of the f-word with none of the copulative virtues.Just look at District 3, but briefly, because it can kink your mind. It represents all those descriptive needs covered by the f-word in U.S Army Manual of Descriptive Nomenclature. It is a graphic demonstration of f-up, f-around, f-over, and f-ing the dog up a tree.

It is so kinked and crooked because it is generated by the intellectual DNA of the bull snake. The idea of the District 3 configuration is to squeeze all the Democrats out. This process is called making the district safe for Republicans. But the G.I. nomenclature applies.

Thils is a prime example of why Rep. Bill Thompson of Sioux Falls is submitting a bill which would require a bi-partisan commission established by the legislature to come up with the redistricting plans. The billl has inspired some mean comments from PP at South Dakota War College. He suggests that Bill Thompson has not read the state Constitution and states that the Legislature is required to do reapportionment. Bill Thompson had a career of teaching U.S government and he has probably not only read the Constitution, he has understood it. In the Thompson bill, the Legislature has full oversight in the composition of the redistricting commission and authoritiy to review the plans and make recommendations. It also has the authority to delegate its tasks. All the Thompson bill does is remove the process from the coils of any partisan bull snake.

PP says Thompson is joisting at windmills. Actually he is probing a snake den with a legislative stick. That predatory DNA is causing some writhing in District 3, but what can you expect from bull snakes and slinkies?

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