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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

John Thune: one big macaca moment

Now comes Chris Cilizza of the Washington Post to speculate about John Thune rising to the role of savior of the Republican Party,  following on the heels of David Brooks' paean to Thune's cowboyiness.

 Thune's current claim to prominence is his efforts to put an end to TARP, which is in contradiction to his performance in support of those things that made TARP necessary.  And then there is his legislation to prohibit any taxing of cow farts and burps, despite the fact that no one has actually proposed such taxes.

He could really promote his presidential ambitions if he were to sponsor legislation prohibiting the Obama gun fairy, which sneaks around at night trying to wrestle guns from the hot little hands of those who live in constant fear that someone will come and take their favorite toys away in the night.

Thune has no opposition in his run for re-election in 2010 so far.    That is no opposition except that held in the minds of those who really know his record in the House, where he had to be dragged screaming and hollering to join the agriculture caucus, look at water development, and stop his opposition to all expenditures on the South Dakota infrastructure.

Then there is the tea-party campaign he ran in 2004.

Thune is making a lot of noise with his quiet poses.  He reads scripts well.  It is thinking and doing constructive things that he has trouble with.

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