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Friday, November 13, 2009

David Brooks gets off on John Thune

Basing his opinions largely on John Thune's appearance and demeanor as a cowboy who has not as yet visited Broke Back Mountain, David Brooks in The New York Times touts Thune as a leader in the model of Barack Obama who could save the Republican Party.  The piece is so gushy that one suspects if Brooks were to visit Broke Back Mountain, he would like to go with John Thune.

Conspicuously absent from Brooks" appraisal is John Thune's record as a representative in the House, the nature of his campaign against Tom Daschle, the absurd and pointless and hypocritical legislation he is currently sponsoring, and the fact that he is a script reader who plays a role designed by political hacks.  Brooks has ventured into the realm of celebrity gossip in this column. 

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