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Wednesday, March 6, 2024



combining form

indicating the anus or rectum: proctology


The election of Donald Trump to the presidency signaled a drastic change in American values.  It was a rejection of what Tom Brokaw termed The Greatest Generation, and everything it stood for and accomplished.  It was an expression of America's fascination with and love of assholes.  The United States have become a procto-nation, a nation of assholes, which they want led by a preeminent asshole, Donald Trump.

There is a segment of Americans who admire success and for whom the measure of success is wealth.  They admire Donald Trump, therefore, because he has acquired millions, or is said to have, at any rate.  In their minds, wealth is the mark of leadership.  But Trump has established a record of saying stupid and malevolent things that call unto question his fitness for office.  He is such an obstreperous jerk, an asshole, that he seems unfit to be involved in any human activity that requires intelligence, probity, and respectfulness.  What is disturbing about Trump is not his politics, but his demeanor and what it portrays about his mind and his motives.  What is more disturbing is the number of Americans who approve and support such a person.

An aspect of America's system of freedom is that Americans have the capability to vote away their democracy.  It has developed a pronto-caucus which seems interested in doing just that.  They threaten to change the land of the free and home of the brave to land of the servile and home of the dolt.

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