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Monday, August 31, 2020

Trump is not a matter of partisan politics; he's a matter of basic morality

After the Electoral College voted Trump into office (he lost the popular vote by 3 million), pollsters examined who voted for him.  A significant group was those who had previously voted for Barack Obama but switched party votes and chose Trump.  Some of those said they detested Hillary Clinton.  Some said they had been disappointed in Obama.

That latter group claimed that Obama did not do all he promised.  With the election of our first black man as president, many people felt it was a signal that the nation had surmounted the racism that the USA has struggled with since its founding.  They did not acknowledge the wave of resentment that surged up in those who worship at the altars of white supremacy.   And they tended to ignore the intractable rage at work in Congress.  The leader of that rage is GOP senate leader Mitch McConnell, who said his main goal as a legislator was to see that Obama never got a second term.  He led his Republican fellows in a campaign to obstruct and undermine everything Obama tried to accomplish.  The McConnnell rage has been directed to the support of Donald Trump.

Trump has a rap sheet of fraud and malicious conduct that calls into question the viability of the United States as a nation with him as president.  His history of fraud and other acts of malefaction is well documented and publicly known.    Two of his fraudulent schemes have been dealt with since he's been  in the White House.  A federal court ordered that people who had been bilked by his Trump University be paid $25 million in restitution.  Last year a federal court ordered that the Trump Foundation be dissolved and Trump was find $2 million.   The president of the United States has more credentials as a crook than as a man who has led honest and successful enterprises.  The American people have chose him over candidates within the GOP and Democrats who don't have a criminal history.  Trump represents what America has become.

A writer in The Root describes what America has become:

And according to Trump, America is the greatest country on earth, despite what the numbers say. We are a beacon of freedom and liberty even though we rank first in the world’s prison population. We are the smartest nation in the world, despite ranking 14th in education and second in ignorance. We believe in equality and tolerance, despite ranking No. 1 on the list of the most racist countries in the world.
I once served my country with pride and confidence that it was working to achieve the freedom, equality, and justice that it proclaimed as its goals.  During Obama's terms of office, the resentful rage led by Mitch McConnell and his kind was a signal that a significant portion of Americans did not aspire to those goals.  People like Rush Limbaugh railed against liberals as anti-American.  Some liberals joked that the GOP was running on a platform to revoke the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolishes involuntary servitude.  However, what seemed like a preposterous joke actually indicates the direction America is moving, as Trump edges into fascist pronouncements and actions.  This is no longer a country for which one can be proud or which inspires any confidence that democratic principles will prevail.  Trump has changed that.  While America was once seen as the beacon of democracy, many others countries are outshining it.  If I were called into service at this time, I'd have doubts about things going on in America that are indefensible.

Trump cannot be regarded as an American anomaly.  He is America's choice.  He is what a plurality of voters want for America.  The inevitable result of that choice has been played out in Portland and Kenosha.  The future and direction of America is not being decided in the halls of Congress but in the streets and allies.  Trump flouts the moral principles on which America is based.  His supporters approve.  Trump represents a constituency that undermines the honest and the scrupulous.  

America is undergoing a pernicious moral failure.  It is becoming the country that we once protected ourselves against.  Trump is the symbol of its failure.

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Jake said...

Truer words have seldom-ever been spoken Mr. Newquist! We truly get the government we deserve, eh? I hope and pray that the U.S. voters this year search their souls hard for what kind of country they truly want to live in and build for their offspring. One thing is certainly true, that this November election is the most critical one for the life of democracy and fairness in our country. The America we have today is the result of 3 1/2 years of governance by a bunch of gangster-like thugs somehow plopped down to run a country by electors duped by lies and deceitful rhetoric.

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