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Monday, December 16, 2019

Where never is heard an encouraging word about Trump

It was in the mid-1980s and I was one of the house guests visiting my brother.  The others were a retired commercial banker from Chicago and his wife, who was a long-time friend who had worked with my brother.  The banker and I got into a discussion on vetting businessmen in our previous jobs, me as a business editor and he as a banker.  We traded stories on grifters and frauds we had come across.  In that context, he talked about Donald Trump.

I don't believe he had met Trump in person, but he had many business associates who had.  They despised Trump to the point that they warned others about having anything to do with him and made clear that they would lose their respect for anyone who did.  While Trump has some active supporters in Chicago, they are out-powered in number and intensity by those who despise him.  His most recent visit to Chicago was met with signs that he wasn't welcome there.  During his campaign, he canceled a rally there when he learned of the intensity of the protests planned for him.  The banker's fellow executives had indicated that they did not want the bank to be involved with Trump and his schemes in any way.  The ethical business community of the city had the same attitude.

The Trump Organization eventually bought a prime piece of  real estate on the Chicago River and built a 98-story building on it.  The project was generally as despised among Chicagoans as Trump himself is.  The building has struggled financially to the point that the Organization has appealed to the county board to reduce its taxes.  The building, as the article below illustrates, has become the object of derision and contempt.

Trump Tower: the tourist attraction that’s truly repulsive 

If only a building could be impeached

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larry kurtz said...

It's impossible the Obama Administration didn’t know the Trump Organization's nefarious dealings in Chicago and it had to be an open secret Trump has been under the microscope for decades. Hillary's campaign was phoned in at best so the Obama White House and Clinton gave Trump and the GOP all the rope they're using right now to hang themselves. Trump and the GOP were set up by superior forces then were given enough rope to hang the entire cabal. He knows he’s trapped and will do anything to save his ample bottom. When John Thune defects to the Romney camp he’ll take Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Roy Blunt, John Hoeven, Ben Sasse and Mike Enzi with him. Maybe not enough votes yet to convict but certainly 53 votes to take impeachment to trial.

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