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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Just another boil on Trump's nasty, festering ass

It is hard not to notice that since Trump became president, there are a lot of people who are not proud to be American.   He has reduced America to the status of a banana republic,  a contender with North Korea for being defined by leadership with a bad case of arrested development,  a petulant, deranged juvenile.  Kim Jong-un and Trump are temperamental cohorts.  They like to fire off missiles.  And threatening insults.  And  neither are equipped with the mental or moral restraints against carrying out their threats.

Trump has been useful to those who want to break America. Mitch McConnell is one of the most prominent and effective destroyers of democracy in America.  A native of the South,   McConnell was a fairly temperate politician,  but as he rose in power in the Republican Party,  he found political success in fulfilling the image of Jim Crow.   While his state of Kentucky  was not part of the Confederacy,  declaring itself neutral during the Civil War,  it was a slave state and the attitudes arising out of slavery are a tradition in the state.  McConnell's Jim Crow image came into focus with the election of a black man to President of the United States.  The intensity of McConnell's opposition went beyond policy disagreement to a malicious dedication to obstruct anything Obama proposed by any means possible.  His actions and demeanor went far beyond political disagreement into  unbridled racist fury.  He made clear that he was willing 
to break the nation to inflict his Jim Crow vengeance on  Obama.

Trump won McConnell's devotion by having launched his political efforts with the birther lie about Obama not being born an American.  He further endeared McConnell with his stream of denigrations and insults against Obama.  McConnell became a fanatical destructor of anything to do with Obama.

The act that set up Trump's only success in office so far was to refuse to acknowledge in any way Obama's candidate for the Supreme Court,  Merrick Garland.  At McConnell's order, the GOP-controlled Senate refused to even acknowledge the nomination with interviews,  let alone committee hearings and a vote by the Senate.  The insulting discourtesy and abuse of process was right out of the Jim Crow play book, and the Republicans carried it out with the viciousness and vengeance that characterizes racial hatred.  And so, Neil Gorsuch was whisked into the Supreme Court.  Republicans think it was a victory.  The majority who did not vote for Trump don't think it matters.  For them, America is over.  Its laws and rules are superfluous.  Good people do not abide by bad laws.  They do not obey bad leaders.  They snicker with derision at consequent court decisions.  Gorsuch may have qualifications, but they are meaningless because his appointment is the result of McConnell and Trump breaking America apart. He is merely a boil on a festering ass.

The nation's president is a pathological liar.  No one of intelligence believes a word he utters.  Those people long ago stopped listening to him.  We have a national congress whose majority thinks perfidy is clever politics.  Congress has been reduced to a mental institution.  The non-Trump and non-GOP supporters regard its antics with bemused distaste, as they lead lives apart from what happened to America.

There is much talk about resistance, but it has gone quiet.  That is part of the resistance. What person of intelligent values wants to contribute to the cacophony of a nation that has become an abomination?  Who wants to expose themselves to the festering asses?

Trump attacked America and its standing in the world when he campaigned with a barrage of disparaging lies.  But as president,  he made them come true.  A friend who is traveling in Europe writes:  "Experienced a new standard in arrogant, dismissive wait service tonight. The Muse  [his spouse] reminds me that we're Americans, not quite equal in humanity to Europeans now. The EU parliament just voted to require visas from American travelers. This would have made this impromptu excursion impossible. America First renders Americans second or third-class world citizens."

The idea of America will not die.  Its true adherents will, as their ancestors did,  will find a place where it can work.  Meanwhile on this continent,  it has become a subsidiary of the Trump Organization,  the United States of Jim Crow.

The face of Jim Crow

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