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Friday, November 25, 2016

A Happy Thanksgiving from the One Percent

The United States is now the subsidiary of The Trump Organization.  The One Percent is in full control.  Trump is the quintessence of the One Percent.  Seventy percent of the bilge that spews from his mouth has been documented as false.  He touts his wealth and his celebrity as a license to grab women by their genitals and toy with them whenever he pleases.  His business acumen includes bankruptcy and not paying people he has hired to do work for him.  But American workers voted for him to improve their lives.  Here come the improvements.

Trump's minions were expanded in Iowa when the GOP obtained full charge of the legislature for the first time in 20 years.  They immediately gathered to plan ways to attack working people like their neighbor Wisconsin has done under GOP control.  They froze the wages of state employees for the next two years.  And they plan to alter the collective bargaining laws, as they did in Wisconsin, to insure that state employees have no voice in their jobs.  

Then Trump put a major One Percenter in the post of secretary of education to lead the assault agains public schools.  He appointed billionaire Betsy DeVos who has been active in promoting charter schools, which cater to the wealthy.  She works to dismantle public education,  and give poor kids other opportunities.  She has donated to a "think tank" that would repeal the child labor laws so that kids can be sent into the workforce to learn the virtues of hard work, instead of sitting in classrooms learning useless stuff.  Other than attempting to dismantle it,  DeVos has no experience in  education.

In South Dakota,  the  Great Plains Education Foundation.  which was once in the student loan business,  has given $210,000  in scholarships to 280 students to go private schools.  In contrast,  South Dakota received $62 million in federal grant money to help American Indian kids get to college,  but most of it was embezzled away by the GOP bureaucracy in Pierre and its close associates in the Gear Up program.  South Dakota is a leader in undermining public education.

Trump has appointed another One Percenters to head the commerce department.  He named Wilbur Ross,  known as "the king of bankruptcy" to fill that post.  

Although Trump has not been formally inaugurated as the CEO of the United States of Trumpdom,  his regard for the working people is shown by his minions in Iowa and his billionaire friends in the new cabinet.  

And he wishes you Americans all to unite behind him for a happy Thanksgiving.  

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