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Monday, April 8, 2013

If Kevin Ware was a horse, they'd have put him down

Kevin Ware, U. of Louisville,  broke his leg on court. 
Yep.  They shoot horses.  

And do a lot of other nasty stuff to animals.  In some states it is now against the law to videotape people mistreating animals. 

It is okay to shoot injured horses, however.   And with many people, to shoot perfectly healthy little kids and their teachers in classrooms.  And to torture dumb animals.

In the meantime, the field for the running of the Kentucky Derby continues to take shape. .
Verrazano leads Normandy Invasion across the Woods Memorial finish line.  

Verrazano, an unbeaten horse, won the Wood Memorial Saturday to advance to the starting gate at the Kentucky Derby.  He has been the favorite and and the odds are firming up in his favor.  

Flashback, the grey, is overtaken by Goldencents.
At the Santa Anita in California,  Goldencents beat out Flashback to advance to the Derby.  Goldencents was ridden by Afro-American Jockey Kevin Krigger.  Joe Drape and Mellissa
Hoppert of The New York Times have revised and updated their Derby roster, which now includes Goldencents.

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