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Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Denver teacher on guns in schools

Les with Loki at Red Rock.
A young teacher who also leads a band my daughter plays in offers a teacher's perspective on guns in schools from Facebook.  I note that guns in schools advocates go into a petulant rage and make up stories that Obama plans to confiscate all firearms when reasonable controls are suggested and they whine and  scream about their rights being trampled on.  But they do not hesitate to try to impose a truly stupid, unwanted, and unworkable mandate on teachers. 
  • I am a teacher. I have never met a teacher who wants a gun in his or her classroom. I adamantly do not want one and I will protest or walk out of any school that allows teachers to conceal-carry weapons. I became a teacher because I want to teach. I am not a police officer. If guns are ending up in classrooms, it is because our society is broken on another level. We need to fix it at that level. Using deadly force is neither my job nor my skill-set. I will never take a human life.

    On another note, Renee Barrat has put together the following useful list of a few things all of our nations teachers should be armed with.
    Teachers are asked to do so much with so little.  While I support the 2nd amendment, I know that arming teachers with guns will do NOTHING compared to arming them with the tools to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

1/31/13: One little grammar error doesn't exactly get in the way of the message, does it? So any comments from those throwing stones from their perfect glass grammar houses will be deleted.

2/1/13: Mary Kathryn Ricker has corrected the grammar mistake on her blog. So I posted a new version here for those of you who would prefer:

@[135437773191333:274:The Cover Counts]
    Teachers are asked to do so much with so little. While I support the 2nd amendment, I know that arming teachers with guns will do NOTHING compared to arming th...See More
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    • Gavin Birnam If we can afford armed guards or weapons for teachers, how is it that the kitty is empty when it comes to paying for things that are actually NEEDED in a school?
    • Zane Shaffer But if we mandate that every human possible is carrying a gun at all times it's somehow less likely that anyone will ever be shot by a gun! It's science!
    • Aaron Ukulele Loki Johnson That's clearly somehow right, Zane. I'm glad you pointed out the obviouse scientific solution. I wonder, was this solution possibly brought to us by the same scientists who are able pinpoint the date of Earth's creation through a careful mapping of the ages of biblical patriarchs, starting at Adam and moving forward?
    • Susan Froyd You go, Loki. Respect.
    • Paul Gutierrez I think the basis for the problem is that some people lose their connection to the rest of us to the point where they believe any problems in their life are a result of what society has done to them and resort to violence. We need to re think the no ch...See More

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