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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wisconsin modeling government on reservation system

If ranting and raving won't work, grab 'em by the neck.
A Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice won an election to keep his seat on the Court by 7,000 votes out of 1.2 million cast, just in time to participate in a decision that strips Wisconsin state workers of their collective bargaining rights.  Walker's law was declared void by a circuit court because of the methods used in the state legislature to pass but the state supreme court overruled the circuit decision by  4-3.  The chief justice of the supreme court rebuked the majority decision as  “hastily reaching judgment” on a ruling that was “disingenuous, based on disinformation,” “lacking a reasoned, transparent analysis” and laden with “numerous errors of law and fact.”

During the week preceding the release of the decision, sources inside the court say that Prosser became so enraged at another justice over the proceedings that he grabbed her by the neck.   The incident is under investigation and has been reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Wisconsin State Journal

Other news coming out of the Wisconsin State Capitol concerns a man who participates in a daily sing-along there every noon.  The singers have gathered since March to protest the governor stripping union members of their rights.  One singers says, "We are a gentle, loving people, and we are singing, singing for our lives."  This week one of the singers was punched in the mouth by a Gov. Walker supporter.

This kind of action relates to a comment at the Madville Times:  "The only politics dirtier than tribal politics is church politics."  

Anyone who has dealt with reservation politics knows the constant rancor, fractiousness, and 
inability to come to agreement on anything.  That's because reservation governance was deliberately designed that way by the people who put the Native Americans on reservations and devised ways to hold them there.  It was designed to ignore the traditional ways of reaching consensus and creating reasons for those in charge to impose their orders and control the residents.

The State of Wisconsin has taken adopted this mode of governance wholeheartedly, as the above referenced incidents testify.  It is not what we used to call democracy. 

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