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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hooters for Jesus

Carrie Prejean has a nice rack, if racks are your thing. But like global warming, it's man made. In part.

Some folks, however, think the earth is flat and whatever man does to it is ordained by the great silicon master in the sky. Humankind's additions and ornaments are just part of intelligent design. From the Hugh Hefner studio.

However, a judge at the Miss California contest apparently wanted to dispel the notion that a beauty pageant is only about perusing a comely face and ogling the T and A perched on pairs of stiletto heels. He asked a question meant to challenge the intellectual dimensions of the contestants.

So, he asked Carrie what she thought of gay marriage. As if the Miss California T and A and face pageant is the place to elicit some really incisive and definitive answers about our most pressing problem of whether we should allow people of the same sex to marry. However, Ms. Prejean did not respond with the only answer that has intellectual merit, "Who gives a shit?"

Instead, she launched into a disquisition about the sincerity of her beliefs. In subsequent statements, she expanded this to professions of her faith, her right and courage to express what she believes, and that she is dedicating her body to the work of the lord.

Who gives a shit?

Why dwell on this when there are real issues to be dealt with? Like Michelle Obama's baring of arms. The President's perverted preference for Dijon mustard. Dick Cheney's crusade over the way to salvation through torture. Wanda Syke's wish that Limbaugh needs dialysis.

To say nothing of 4,281 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. And counting. U.S. soldiers now killing each other. Another 678 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan. And the number is rapidly climbing.

Or that good old American-mafia style business has put 22 million Americans out of work--15.8 percent. Oil prices are on the climb again. And 12.8 million children in America are designated as suffering from hunger.

Hey, Jesus! Who gives a shit?

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