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Sunday, December 16, 2007

George W. Bush wants to conduct Sen. Johnson's speech therapy

The regressives on the blogosquare want to get Sen. Tim Johnson out of office. They hover over their keyboards drooling over any halting moments in the Senator's speech that they can contrive into evidence that he can't do the job of Senator. Despite the fact that the Senator has not missed a vote since his return to the Senate chamber in August, that he now visits the state and has resumed his meetings and telephone briefings with reporters, that he has supplied updates and analysis of legislation since last spring, and that last week he walked onto the Senate floor with the aid of his cane, the malevolent lobby finds that a brief pause while searching for a word is the sign of incapacity.

The real problem is that even with a severe brain injury, Sen. Johnson has not reached the level of inarticulation of their regressive Alpha male, George W. Bush. If you need a review of W's bon mots, click here and play the videos.

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