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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Getting up in space

Scooter Libby was convicted, but a jury member said he and a number of other jurors wondered what they were doing deciding on Libby's guilt or innocence when Carl Rove and the Vice President seemed more likely candidates for examination on leaking Valerie Plame's name and orchestrating the piss-revenge against Joe Wilson.

Ann Coulter has produced a number of denials from the people who buy her books, pay her speaking fees, and giggle and snicker in the background at her witless defamations.

We surely live in the New Age of Enlightment. But one news item saved the day. It turns out that outer space has little effect on horny.

I've wondered about this. I've wondered about men and women sharing a space capsule. I received a letter from a former student who was serving in the Army shortly after the training programs were made co-educational. He found the physical training sessions particularly stressful because he could not help but notice that during sweat-producing exercise in t-shirts that women's bodies were women's bodies. It was very hard for him to think of them as gun platforms, which is what every recruit is told that is basically what his or her body is.

My former student said he could not sleep at night. The day's images gave him such erections that he didn't have enough skin left over to close his eyes.

So, today's revelation of sexy-messages zipping back and forth in outer space made me ponder the matter of space suits, floating around in more-comfortable wear, and the effects of a weightless environment on....well, you know.

Hey, baby, there's a gorgeous earth out tonight. Want to go for a walk?

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